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TAMA Imperialstar IE52KH6W 22" with Meinl HCS cymbals

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TAMA Imperialstar IE52KH6W with 22" bassdrum

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Item No.: IE52KH6W

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TAMA Imperialstar IE52KH6W with Meinl MCS cymbals

Tamas Imperialstar IE52KH6W model comes with double braced Hardware and sturdy pedals, also new color options but still incl. HCS Bronze Cymbals and Stool.

The shells are made from 100% poplar wood covered in different stylish wraps. The snaredrum is a matching wood shell drum. All hardware parts are new designed for the kit  like the bassdrum legs with scale and a locking hihat clutch. But the best reason to buy one of these Imperialstar kits is its super-complete package with the 6-piece Tama Stagemaster hardware set (Tama throne included) plus the Meinl cymbal set HCS made from bronze.

Kit IE50H6W with 22x16" Bassdrum / 10x7"/12x8" Toms / 16x15" FT & 14" Snare + 6-piece Hardwareset

  • Shells: Poplar 6-ply 7.5mm
  • Durable PVC cover
  • Wooden bassdrum hoops
  • Snaredrum in matching color

Tama hardwareset

  • Hihat pedal 
  • Bassdrum pedal with base plate
  • Snarestand double braced
  • Cymbal stand double braced
  • Cymbal boom stand double braced
  • Throne double braced


Including Meinl's leading bronze cymbal set HCS Bronze w. 14" Hihat, 16" Crash, 20" Ride

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