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Acoutin Custom

Acoutin Custom is the result of the love for drums and an idea for what drums should be…. This company is based upon ideas, visuals and a history of what the integrity of quality and craftsmanship in drums should live up to. Acoutin Custom is focused around not the trends in the world of drums, but the structure and construction of each single drum that gives it it’s personal characteristics tonally and the modifications put in place by the craftsman that strengthen these characteristics and take the drum from a composition of different materials to a personally designed and handcrafted piece of art. As a company Acoutin Custom is the combination of the voice of its customers and its sole designer working in combination to personally design each drum to the company’s standards and the imagination of its individual customers. Acoutin Custom takes pride in personalizing each and every drum with the customer step by step aware that no drum is ever alike or should be and that each drum is made for its own individual artist and player.

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