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Welcome on Drumcenter

Olly und Dieter Blahak of Drumcenter Cologne

We live drums

It‘s hard to believe for us that it‘s already more than 30 years ago since we opened the doors of our store in the heart of Cologne for the first time. Things were diferent at that time. There were no things such as the internet and good equipment was not available as easy as nowadays. What we wanted to be at that time was a place where drummers could check out their new drums and cymbals, get a good advice from someone who is in the drum business for many years and find a good selection of accessories like drumsticks and drumheads. Today we are proud that we can anounce to be Germany‘s oldest dealer for drums and percussion only. We have tried to keep our philosophy over the 3 decades. Serving musicians from musicians with all our knowledge and passion about drums, offering a wide variety of brands (also smaller companies) and giving fair prices to our customers.

Many things happened in 30 years. Several fights against the flood from the river Rhine, workshops with such great drummers as Greg Bissonette, Randy Black, Terry Bozzio, Curt Cress, Flo Dauner, Bertram Engel, Sonny Emory, Peter Erskine, Mel Gaynor, Danny Gottlieb, Benny Greb, Ralf Gustke, Akira Jimbo, Thomas Lang, JoJo Mayer, Johnny Rabb, Marc Schulman, Simon Phillips and many more. In 2010 we‘ve expanded our showroom with the addition of a seccond store just around the corner of our original location.

Today Drumcenter Cologne benefits from it‘s  exeptional reputation and the possibilities of trading produts all over Europe (and sometimes even outside).
For the future we further will try to offer the best products for drummes available, making happy customers that enjoy their instruments for a long time and being open minded to give any support and to answer all questions.

Apropos if you ever have the chance to go to Musikmesse in Frankfurt don‘t miss the opportunity to step by the Drumcenter booth. Since a couple of years we display custom drum brands like Dunnett Classic Drums, Joyful Noise, Acoutin Custom and Craviotto at the world‘s largest music show.