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Tama S.L.P. Set Dynamic Kapur LKP42HTS-GKP

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Made from Kapur an Asian hard wood
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Brand logo, Tama

Tama S.L.P. Set Dynamic Kapur LKP42HTS-GKP
This model features Kapurmaterial, which has caught many drummers’ attention for its open lively sound with great projection. We paired it with our Sound Arc Hoops for plenty of attack and moderately controlled overtones of the Kapurshells. It offers warm resonance and a very natural, comfortable feel. Because of its articulate sound and enhanced attack, it works very well for funk, fusion and gospel. The high volume potential also lends itself perfectly to rock music.

  • Open lively sound with great projection
  • Suggested musical styles: Rock, Funk, Fusion & Gospel
  • Sound Arc Hoops for attack, volume, and controlled overtones


  • 22”x16” BD
  • 10”x6.5” TT
  • 12”x7” TT
  • 16”x14” FT
  • MTH905N Double Tom Holder

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