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Tama S.L.P. New Vintage Hickory Drumkit LHK38CS

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Bright & warm as Maple but with clear tone



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Item No.: LHK38CS

Brand logo, Tama

Tama S.L.P. New Vintage Hickory Drumkit LHK38CS

The Tama  S.L.P "New-Vintage Hickory" is made from 100% American Hickory. Soundwise similar warm to Maple the Hickory kit is a bit clearer and more focused. The 2.3 mm Steel Mighty Hoops and the Eavans G1 coated drumheads blend perfectly with the Hickory shells. Lacquered bassdrum hoops with a "Vintage Marine Pearl" wrap inlay underline the Vintage look.

  • 100% Hickory Shell
  • (TT/FT) 6-ply, 5mm
  • (BD) 8-ply, 7mm
  • satin lacquer finish
  • 2.3 mm Steel Mighty Hoop
  • bright, warm and clear tone
  • bassdrum hoop with Vintage inlay
  • Ideal for Jazz, Blues, Country & Funk
  • Direct Flexi-Mount

Drum Shell Kit  

  • 14”x18” BD,
  • 8”x12” TT
  • 14”x14” FT,
  • MTH900BM Single Tom Holder

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