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Tama LBH1410L-TPM S.L.P. Duo Birch Snare 14 x 10"

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One-of-a-kind drum combining floor tom and snare
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Item No.: SKU_TAM_LBH1410L

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Tama SLBH1410L S.L.P. Duo Birch Snare 14 x 10"
New ideas are often conceived by combining a few existing ideas into something fresh and exciting. This Duo Birch was born just that way. It is a very unique 10” x 14” Birch drum equipped with snare wires on the bottom head and 3 floor tom legs for mounting. The result? It can be used either as a floor tom or snare drum, simply by switching the wires on or off. In either case, the sound is still pretty unique due to the size and specs of the drum –allowing drummers to explore ideas and create new patterns and fills they might never have considered with traditional setups..

  • 14 x 10"
  • 7-ply/7mm Birch shell
  • Sound Arc Hoops
  • Equipped w. snare strainer and 3 floortom legs
  • Evans Powercenter Reverse Dot batter head

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